Level Select CBD Review: Brand, Product FAQs & Buying Guide

There are a lot of CBD brands on the market these days. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will be reviewing Level Select CBD. This brand is made with all-natural ingredients and promises to help improve your overall health and well-being. Keep reading for our full review.

Review Summary

Rating: 7 / 10

This brand has high quality and high potency products. They are perfect for athletes, busy professionals, and people who are always on the go. The brand may not be as affordable as the other brands, but they provide the potency that users need to feel the benefits and effects expected from the products.

Featured Product: Sports Cream

Many have tried the Level Select CBD Sports Cream, which was designed to help improve muscle and joint pain. Overall, it is an impressive cream. It helped relieve pain and stiffness, improved range of motion, and reduced inflammation. This cream is perfect for athletes and those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The sports cream comes in a 3 oz tub and is available in three levels. Level 1 has 300 mg CBD, level 2 cream contains 600 mg, and level 3 has 1200 mg. All three have a cooling mint scent and give that menthol effect. This product has been getting a good number of positive reviews.

Other Products Offered by Level Select CBD

This company may offer a limited variety of CBD products, but all are potent and give people satisfaction. Other products that this brand has are:

1. Sports Roll-on

This is the roll-on version of the sports cream. Many athletes are also pleased with this product. It also comes in three levels, each having different potencies. This is a no-mess and non-greasy product that can help ease pain and inflammation. It is perfect for on-the-go use.

2. CBD Oil Drops

This product is designed to help those with anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. It also comes in different levels for you to choose from. Level 1 has 1200 mg CBD, level 2 contains 2400 mg, and level 3 contains 5000 mg. The oil drops are easy to use and can be taken sublingually or added to your food or drinks. This product has high potencies, which are perfect for those who need a high dosage of CBD.

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3. CBD Gummies

If you are looking for an easier and more convenient way to ingest CBD, then you should take CBD gummies. The Level Select CBD gummies have 25 mg CBD and come in three variations for different effects. You can choose between Focused Energy for more energy, Restful Sleep for better sleep quality, and Immune Support for an improved immune system.

4. CBD Teas

The CBD teas from Level Select CBD are a blend of organic tea leaves and CBD isolate. This product is made to help improve your health in various ways. The tea comes in different flavors, each with its own unique benefits. This is a product not commonly offered by other brands.

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What Does Level Select CBD Do Well?

This brand is made with all-natural ingredients and promises to help improve your overall health and well-being. Level Select CBD products are designed for athletes and people with chronic pain, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, and immune system problems. The products have been getting a good number of positive reviews. The products are made of good quality, which is why the brand is slowly growing in popularity.

Where Could Level Select CBD Improve?

The only downside we could find about this brand is that they don’t have a lot of variety in their CBD products. However, the ones they have are potent, and people are satisfied with their effects. Also, their customer service is only reachable through email.

Does Level Select CBD Offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately, this brand does not offer free shipping. The shipping rates are weight-based. When you place an order, you will be given an estimated arrival time. The shipping duration varies depending on the number of orders the company has been getting.

Are Level Select CBD’s Products Third-Party Tested?

Yes, all of their products have been third-party tested. This is to ensure that the quality and potency of their CBD products are up to par. You can find the test results on their website. With the third-party tests, you can be sure that the products are safe and effective to use.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Level Select CBD?

You can purchase the gift pack available on the website. This allows you to get more than one product at a discounted price. Occasionally, the company gives discounts, especially on new products. You can just check their website for updates.

Prices & Where to Buy

The prices of the Level Select CBD products vary depending on the product and the potency. You can purchase their products from their website. They also offer a money-back guarantee for all their products that are unopened and unused.

When it comes to their prices, Level Select CBD is a bit more expensive than other brands. But, you are getting what you pay for as their products are made with good quality and all-natural ingredients.

CBD Education

1. What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. It has been gaining popularity because of its potential health benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and will not get you high.

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2. What Are the Benefits of Taking CBD?

CBD has many benefits for its users. These include:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress: CBD can help reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in people. It does this by activating the serotonin receptors in the brain.
  • Managing chronic pain: CBD can be effective in managing chronic pain such as nerve and muscle pains. This is because it helps block the transmission of pain signals to the brain.
  • Improving sleep quality: CBD can help enhance sleep quality by reducing anxiety and stress levels. This is because it helps promote relaxation and calmness.
  • Reducing inflammation: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation of joints and muscles.

3. How to Take CBD?

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. It can be taken as:

  • An oil: This is the most popular way to take CBD. The oil can be taken sublingually, or under the tongue, for fast absorption.
  • A tincture: Tinctures are liquid extracts of cannabis that can be taken orally. They are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and provide a longer-lasting effect than oils.
  • A capsule: CBD capsules are a convenient way to take CBD. They are easy to swallow and provide a consistent dose of CBD each time.
  • A topical: Topical CBD products can be applied directly to the skin for localized relief.
  • An edible: These are food products with CBD in them, to help mask the taste and make CBD consumption more pleasurable.

4. What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Hemp oil and CBD oil are both oil extracts of the cannabis plant. However, hemp oil is made from the seeds and stalks of the plant, while CBD oil is made from flowers and leaves. Hemp oil does not contain any CBD, while CBD oil contains high levels of CBD.

The benefits of hemp oil and CBD oil are also different. Hemp oil is a good source of Omega- fatty acids and Vitamin E, while CBD oil is high in cannabinoids and terpenes.

5. What is THC?

THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. It is what gives marijuana its “high” effects. It will give that euphoric high which can make someone feel “stoned.”

6. What is CBG?

CBG is another cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. CBN, or cannabinol, is a product of CBD breaking down over time. It is also psychoactive and can cause sedation.

7. How Long Does CBD Last?

The effects of CBD vary depending on the person and the dose. It can last for a few hours or up to 12 hours. It also depends on the type of product and potency.

Level Select CBD: Buy or Pass?

Level Select CBD is a good choice if you are looking for high-quality, all-natural CBD products. Their prices are a bit higher than other brands, but the quality and results are worth it. When it comes to Level Select CBD, it might be worth your time and money. You get what you pay for, and their products are made with the best ingredients.

There are a lot of CBD companies in the market. But Level Select CBD is only one of the few that has formulated CBD products that athletes can really use and benefit from. They also have CBD teas which are unique in their product lineup.

Though their customer service is only available through email, they do have a really informative website that covers all the details about their products. This brand is becoming more and more popular and has been getting more positive reviews which are enough to trust the products that they are selling.

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