The OG Kush Strain: A Cannabis Legend

If you ask any cannabis user, they will probably tell you that the first strain they ever tried was the OG kush strain. They will also tell you that no matter which strain they ended up trying down the line, they would always go back to OG kush.

But why is the OG kush strain so popular? If we want to find out, we need to take a look at its main characteristics.

What Is the OG Kush Strain?

The OG kush strain is a strain of cannabis that originates from California. To understand its legendary status, we need to take a look at its family history. 

Though people still aren’t one hundred percent sure, most believe that OG kush was made by combining two plants from the indica and sativa families. While it leans slightly more towards its sativa roots, its indica parentage is quite present in its terpene profile as well.

But what exactly is the difference between sativa and indica plants? The answer is rather simple. Indica plants are shorter and have broader leaves, while sativas are taller and have narrower leaves. Though people used to think that the parent plant also determines the effect a strain has, today we know that it only determines the plant’s physical appearance. 

So, if parentage does not determine the effects a strain will have, what does?

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THC and CBD Levels 

What tells us the most about a strain’s effects are its THC and CBD levels. 

The OG kush strain has high levels of THC in it. Some softer versions of the strain have about 16% of THC in them, while the strongest ones can go up to 25%. The latter is an amount of THC that will have you in an ecstatic high for hours.

On the other hand, OG kush has a rather low amount of CBD in it. On average, it does not exceed 1% of CBD. Such low CBD levels point to it not having many healing properties. Despite that, people still use it to treat different ailments they have and swear by its effects. 

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What Are the Effects of the OG Kush Strain?

OG Kush has a strong and quick euphoric effect. The euphoria is combined with a kind of peacefulness and a relaxed state of mind. If you’ve had a long and stressful day at work, smoking this strain might just be what will help you relax and forget your worries.

Though the medicinal effects of this strain haven’t been scientifically proven yet, people still use it to help them manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and migraines. It is no surprise, because the strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles do suggest it could have healing effects. 

Still, consult your doctor before using this strain to treat any medical condition you have. 

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OG Kush Growing Information

It can be extremely challenging to grow this strain of cannabis. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the environment and climate the plants are growing in. This strain needs a lot of sunlight and a lot of water to develop properly. That is why it is mostly grown in Southern California and places with a similar or identical climate.

If grown properly, this strain is a rather lucrative investment. Still, to grow this type of cannabis, you will need lots of money, professional equipment, and patience. It is best to grow it in large amounts as a professional marijuana grower. Growing it for personal use only is too expensive and too big a challenge, so most people do not recommend it.

The Aroma and Taste of the OG Kush Strain

Thanks to the terpenes in its chemical profile, OG kush has a herbal and skunky aroma, with citrusy undertones. 

OG kush smells rather musky and earthy, so if you prefer weed that smells flowery and fresh, this strain will be too heavy for you. 

In Conclusion

What makes the OG kush strain so iconic are its genetics, chemical profile, smell, and taste, as well as the effects it has on its users. If you are looking for something old-fashioned and traditional that will offer a high unlike any other and help you treat your pain and anxiety, this strain is the perfect choice for you. Though smoking it can be quite overwhelming, it’s all worth the euphoric ecstasy you’ll experience!